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by Merav Givoni Hrushovski

End— <br> by Merav Givoni Hrushovski
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translated by: Adriana X. Jacobs

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End— / הסופ
by Merav Givoni Hrushovski

translated from Hebrew by Adriana X. Jacobs

ISBN 978-1-7347662-6-4
Designed, printed, and assembled by Carrion Bloom Books in SLC, UT in 2023
124 pages, presented in a bilingual edition
$20 - $30

First edition size: 50 copies.

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For a few days we worked at the Epilady factory.
On a conveyor belt we assembled devices for
plucking hair. At night we slept without our
clothes. Bit by bit I lowered my lips over the dome
on the rock. Snow drifts fell on my face. Caution
avalanche area.

With deceptively clear descriptive observations and telegraphic phrases something else is happening here in End—, there is a quiet slippage within the clarity that is incremental and creates a kind of new openness that is extraordinarily human, extraordinarily vital.

Peter Gizzi

"While people sit in their offices, calculating, you fly/off.” Merav Givoni Hrushovski’s End— takes flight through the mode of the conditional, the subjunctive, the wishful—watchful and delicate in its grieving. If translation is like kissing through a handkerchief, Adriana X. Jacobs' gorgeous and self-assured translation always opens, never closes, “pass[ing] on/ the kiss."

Yosefa Raz, author of This Rumor of Darger’s Armies of Girls

Merav Givoni Hrushovski’s poems in End— find beautiful expression in Adriana X. Jacobs’ English translation. Everyday objects and encounters are caught up with haunting loss and yearning in a forward movement that keeps sighing after I turn the page. The final line of most fragments drops off mid-phrase into mystery, half-images, unanswered questions that linger because “There is no end to possible.” Wholeness is not yet, life happens always on a threshold, and it’s Jacobs’ voice I want to “pour” Hrushovski’s end-less lines “into someone’s ear”—especially mine.

Kelsi Vanada, author of Rare Earth and translator of The Visible Unseen by Andrea Chapela.


Merav Givoni Hrushovski is a Hebrew poet and editor of Asoophit, a journal of art and poetry. She is also the author of Mouth in Mouth (2020, Afik Press) and Wingate (forthcoming).

Adriana X. Jacobs
is an associate professor of modern Hebrew literature at the University of Oxford. Her poems and translations have appeared in Gulf Coast, Anomaly, World Literature Today, North American Review, Blackbox Manifold, and Asoophit, among others. Her translation of Vaan Nguyen's The Truffle Eye (2021, Zephyr Press) won the 2022 Harold Morton Landon Translation Award. She is the author of Strange Cocktail: Translation and the Making of Modern Hebrew Poetry (2018, University of Michigan Press).